Wedding Portraits

Creating beautiful, timeless, elegant portraits for your wedding day is an absolute must. A wedding album never looks complete without them, and you simply can’t call yourself a true professional wedding photographer if you can’t do it well. If you ever want to find that one aspect that makes it easy to recognize a great wedding photographer from the rest, just look at their portraits. Being able to craft an amazing wedding day portrait is something we take tremendous pride in. Being able to do this within the demanding elements of a wedding day takes years of experience, patience, and control of your craft.

I don’t believe in such statement as “Pure Photojournalism”, or “Natural Light Specialist”. These are modern day terms for not being able to pose people well or being confident about it. The later being code for someone that doesn’t own, or know how to use off camera flash or studio strobes.

As professional wedding photographers it’s our responsibility to do it all well. In an ideal world people would pose themselves like walking through an epic love scene in a romantic movie, and the lighting will be of epic proportion like you envision it on your dreams, but in reality, it’s never that almost never that way.

So would you rather leave your once in a lifetime day to a photographer that makes excuses for why the conditions weren’t ideal for their limitation style of shooting, or a photographer that’s confident about every aspect necessary to create the best pictures they can?

Whether it’s the bride’s getting ready pictures, day-of bridal portraits, bridal party pictures, family pictures, group shots, romantic wedding portraits, and more, it’s so important to be able to create professional level portraits on a wedding day. Don’t leave all these important portraits to chance. Count on a photographer that takes great pride in crafting portraits that you will love and cherish for years to come!

There’s no such thing as boring or bad subjects. There’s only boring, bad, non-creative, lazy photographers.

This gallery is dedicated exclusively to portraits we’ve created on the actual wedding day. So as you look through all the images in this gallery, know that they were all created under the pressure, time constraints, weather, lighting conditions and more on these couples actual wedding day.

All Photography © King Street Studios