wedding pictures from charleston weddings at founders hall by charleston wedding photographers king street studios

Wedding Pictures for the Soul

I started doing wedding photography because I love the event. I look at weddings like one big well planned out party filled with friends, family, love and happiness. When you look at all the events we attend in our lifetimes, how many create this kind of unity? It’s amazing to be welcomed into a couples most intimate moments on their wedding day. We all love to watch dramatic emotional scenes, hence why we love movies so much, but I get the VIP pass to stand in the front row. It’s like being invisible. This just feeds my soul! I never take for granted what a momentous occasion this is for a couple and how much planning went into it being as close to their dream day as they can get it. This wedding exemplified that feeling and it seemed like the emotions were at their pinnacle every time I looked through my viewfinder. Tears of joy, happiness, love and laughter were everywhere and I love being surrounded by that. Watch the video to see highlights from their day and I think you’ll agree, there’s not one image where you don’t feel what’s happening. Thank you Mariko and Adrian!

Authored by: Todd Surber