day of bridal pictures and bridal portraits by charleston wedding photographers king street studios

Day Of Bridal Pictures

Meet the beautiful and enchanting Stephanie. These bridal and detail pictures were created on her wedding day. I always want my potential and future brides to know exactly how and when I created an image. It’s important you know when I created an image so you have a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished on your wedding day. I always encourage my brides to be sure to allow enough time for portraits on their wedding day. That can include the getting ready details, day of bridal pictures, pictures with the bridal party, the family pictures and your romantic portrait time as a newlywed. The images below were all created in about 15 minutes, but most locations are more challenging and there’s also a lot of other elements that can make your day of portrait time take much longer. In my experience, when there’s any problems, or delays on a wedding day, the portrait time is always what suffers and is used to take care of any issues. So allowing for extra time for portraits accomplishes two things. It makes sure you have time to get the portraits that are very important on your big day, and, you’ve created a cushion in case there are any issues. For example, the bride below had a major technical issue with her dress. It wasn’t hemmed properly and was too long. She kept stepping on it when she was walking. So not only did she have to use her sisters shoes that were about an inch taller, and not nearly as cool, but she also had to pin her dress up in a way that it didn’t show. This took about 30 minutes and it really stressed out the bride, but thankfully she had that time. So even though the pictures I did get turned out great, I had a lot of others planned that we weren’t able to get because of time. But if we didn’t have that extra time, we may not have even got these. So be sure to allow extra time in your wedding day for portraits, you’ll never regret it. Stephanie’s ceremony took place at Middleton Plantation with her reception following at Charleston Place Hotel. Be sure to check back soon to see highlights from her entire wonderful wedding!

Authored by: Todd Surber