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Senior Pictures Photography- Sarah

This is Sarah. I recently photographed her in downtown Charleston in the historic district in and around some of the oldest and most historic homes in Charleston. Sarah and her mother contacted us for not only her senior portraits, but also to get some portraits specifically for an audition with Disney. She is an ice skater and was about to travel to Florida to audition for Disney on Ice! How cool would that be? I think any young girl fresh out of school would love the opportunity to work with Disney.

With that in mind, my aim was to give her a great selection of portraits that could work great as head shots for her audition submission, but also give her and her family a great variety of portraits to document this time her life.

We all have a lot of facets to ourselves and our personalities. So I love to create portraits that range from glamorous and beautiful to fun and cute that show more personality. Creating a sense of comfort and trust for my clients is key to bringing out the best in them. Along with with good lighting, an understanding of how to pose for their body type, facial structure, hair style, the types of clothes they wear etc., is super important to get the best results.

Even though Sarah is very pretty naturally, and has experience being in front of people for ice skating, she was shy and unsure what to do in front of the camera. It’s the photographers responsibility to take control and guide the subject to create the best portraits. Without good lighting, good posing, and good composition, even the best expression will look like a snap shot if the photographer doesn’t know how to control all these elements.

So if you love the look of these portraits, be sure to remember, it’s in the hands of the photographer. We hope you enjoyed looking through her pictures and will keep us in mind when your ready for your portraits!

Senior Pictures Photography- Sarah © King Street Studios
All Photography by Todd Surber