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Senior Photos- Claudia

Senior photos of the beautiful, intense, cool, calm Claudia. You’ll know what I mean once you scan down through her images. Notice her wide range of subtle emotions. I like to try to create a large variety of looks for each client. It only takes me a short time to find their range. Then it’s about working each look that feels appropriate with each outfit and location. We walked around for a few hours with Claudia and her parents to create these wonderful senior photos. Most of the time my clients give me a rough idea of the types of pictures they like, and other times, they just give me full creative license. So at that point I at least try to get a rough idea of what they like by asking a few questions about location options and back ground looks. Once I have my first location figured out, I work from there with what I see around me as we walk or drive around. Then there’s the moment I show them that first image. I love watching their facing come alive as they see the results on the back of my camera. They just keep getting more surprised and excited about how they look. Once that happens, then they really start to trust my choices and open up and let go with anything I suggest. Some photographers don’t like others around when they’re working, but I actually don’t mind it at all. I know how to use their friends and family as a way to get certain results I may want. So for you potential future clients reading this. Bring your parents, friends, significant other or even your pet. Everyone’s welcome!

Authored by: Todd Surber