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Senior Photography- Briana

Have you ever met someone with an infectious smile? Well…meet Briana. Briana contacted King Street Studios in search of having her senior portraits shot before heading back home from vacationing in Charleston. She was opposed to having the same cookie ­cutter, stock backdrop portraits many kids get through their schools, so we were happy to provide her with something fun and unique.

The first part of the photo shoot was done along the streets of historic Downtown Charleston. Briana loved the rustic architecture Charleston provides, so we utilized large cement walls and shades of green from flower boxes, ivy walls, and bushes that contrasted well with the outfits she had chosen to wear. When Briana brought out a sun hat as big as her smile, it got our creative juices flowing. We placed her up against a wall being blasted by the sun, a spot someone was in need of a sun hat, and had her bring it down over her eyes to shade her face. The outcome gave us a mysterious, almost dramatic looking shot of Briana, which her and her parents loved.

Charleston is a city that gets a lot of rain, and because of that, Charleston is a very green city (not as in “environmentally friendly” kind of way, but in terms of the type of plants you see). When our clients are looking for nature­ type backgrounds that have some colorful flowers within them, a suggestion we often have for them is Hampton Park, near The Citadel. There are two main reason we love shooting at Hampton Park: as mentioned before, the floral selection provided there make great looking backdrops, and it’s rarely crowded with people. So, when Briana was in search of a second location providing an assortment of colors, we knew exactly where to take her. We were able to find locations throughout Hampton Park that complimented Briana’s floral dress she was wearing, and she was also able to make a new friend! See for yourself!

Senior Photography Briana © King Street Studios