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Savannah Weddings- Brin + Geoff

We love our home city of Charleston, but sometimes we get the opportunity to work in some of our beautiful neighboring cities to work with clients like Brin and Geoff for their Savanah wedding. Generally get so much business locally, there’s never a reason for us to have to travel for work. But every once in awhile, the right client makes us feel like we would be willing to travel anywhere to be able to work with them. In this case, it was Savannah, Georgia for one of the best weddings we’ve ever shot.

From the moment we arrived at the venue we knew it was going a memorable one. Savannah is a city many people say mirrors Charleston in resemblance. The historic architecture and vibe associated within the streets is very similar to that of downtown Charleston. Savannah even has a coastal feel similar to Charleston, as the Savannah River intertwines itself through the city. But it definitely has it’s own life, it’s very own original feel and magic that is truly unique. It’s hard to put your finger on a feeling like that, but you know you don’t want it to end when it’ happening. Add that to a wedding day filled love, family, friends, and laughter and you get one unforgettable night!

The military is something that has emotional ties within Brin and Geoff’s relationship. Being an Army guy, Geoff wanted to incorporate his Army Blue’s into some of the photos, since he wasn’t going to be wearing them during the ceremony. So, Geoff slipped into the uniform for the first look with Brin before quickly changing back into his suit for the ceremony. As the ceremony ended, the newlyweds and their wedding party and guests were all lead to the reception by a small marching band, giving the off a bayou-type vibe.

Upon arrival at the reception venue, Todd quickly grabbed Brin and Geoff to capture some of their first few moments alone as a married couple. As the portrait session came to an end, the newlyweds were introduced for the first time to their guests as they walked into a room filled with great cheers and emotion, leading to a very romantic first dance lead by an amazing live band. The band kept the music going after the reception dinner as everyone danced the night away.

Savannah Weddings- Brin + Geoff by King Street Studios
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Authored by: Todd Surber