Welcome To The New Photo Information Blog

Hello & welcome!

This blog is going to guide you through a series of articles, tutorials, and videos to help understand the basics of DSLR cameras, portrait photography, and recognizing professional photographers.

As we continue to see so much mediocre photography, bad website presentations, messy randomness by Google, and magazines popularizing bad photography, we felt like it was time to create the Photo Information blog. A blog dedicated to unraveling the state of the photography business for the average consumer.

Contributing reasons guilty for the confusion:

  • Search engines randomness and reasonless search results.
  • Confusing, over-optimized, sloppy websites.
  • Mediocre and unimportant images popularized.
  • Meaningless awards and accreditations.

There’s so many articles that are continually published on how Google is filtering the web and penalizing websites for whats called black hat tactics. Now even though it is helping get rid of auto created websites, and websites that are obvious at first glance, unusable, they still have not created any sense of logic as to how they present their results for common search terms.

The next contribution to the problem is terrible, sloppy, and optimized, spammy websites. This not only contributes to the search engine problem, but also a poor user experience. How many times have you enter a website only to find ever post and page overly keyworded and filled with search terms to the point you can’t even figure out how to navigate the website?

Not only are photographers and small business owners guilty of this, but you also have blogs and resource directories that are created to draw traffic for advertising dollars. They don’t care about user experience, or usability at all. All they care about is the amount of incoming traffic and visitor counts. So if you take a a blog related to weddings for example, they showcase images that will keep a bride on the website, not necessarily a good image. They showcase wedding detail pictures and stock looking images and write articles around color palettes and design details. Since most of these site are never showcasing great photography its’elf, brides become accustomed to assuming that good wedding photography is based on photographs that resemble those they’ve seen in publications. So to distort the this even more, wedding photographers in turn are posting images that resemble the way publications present their images to look popular.

This leads us to the final point in this introduction. Photographers glamorize being published on their blogs and pages and emphasize winning awards that have no value. These are just attempts to appear to have more credit and value than they do. So if your attempting to discern the talent of a photographer based on the images alone, but all their posts are about being published, your basically being distracted and sold on hype instead of the value of their talent and service.

So if these points make sense as to why you may feel confused about the state of the photography business and your search for the right photographer,then this blog is going to be perfect for you. Each article is going to have a no-nonsense, straight forward approach to every topic it tackles.