Family Pictures by top charleston family photographers- king street studios. Beautiful family picture of a family of 4 sitting on the edge of a golf course with colorful grass and sunset behind them.

Family Portraits- Pro Golfer

One day the phone rings at the studio. On the other end of the phone is this very sweet woman asking about family portraits and some pro golfer photos of her husband. She says she would like some family shots together and possibly some portraits of just him. Sounds great- we would love to. At the time, Kyle Thompson was playing the Nationwide tour here in Charleston, and if he placed high enough during the tourney, was going to qualify for the PGA! Sure enough, he did just that very thing over the next three days after we had the honor of photographing him and his beautiful family. That was a great weekend for us both. Cheers Kyle!

All Photography by Todd Surber © King Street Studios
Authored by: Todd Surber