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Family Portraits in Charleston- The Radziwon’s

The Radziwon’s and their beautiful little three year old, Ava, got in touch with us this past September. They were in the market for getting some family portraits done with Ava in a location where they could relax and not worry about dealing with a lot of foot traffic. After a lot of research and scrolling through local family portrait photographer blogs, they found ours and were blown away with those done at Hampton Park. They loved how we incorporated the assortment of plants and flowers into our photographs, and how we were able to match our subjects to the backgrounds. Upon seeing those blog posts, they told us they stopped right there and reached out to us.

Often times doing family portrait sessions can be a little difficult when it involves mall children, but this is something we excel with. When we do family portraits which include little children, we often bring along 1-2 assistant photographers to help Todd with the shoot (depending on the size of the family). Having the extra hands there not only help Todd when it comes to lighting the subjects and doing other technical things, but it also gives the assistant photographers the opportunity to grasp the attention of the children so the parents can follow the directions of Todd and have a steady flow of communication. While the assistant photographers are working with the children, Todd’s able to stay focused on getting the shots of when the child shows the best emotions.

I know what you’re thinking, because we’re thinking the exact same thing: is that not the most photogenic little girl you’ve ever seen? We’ve never been around someone of her age who acted like they’ve been in front of a camera for their short lives; someone who truly made the camera her best friend. We were able to capture so many great photos of Jen, Drew and Ava that it had to have been hard for them select the ones they wanted. Oh, yeah, did we mention she’s only three years old?

Family Portraits in Charleston- The Radziwon’s
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