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Family Photography- The Hale’s

This is the Hale family. Two wonderful parents, four beautiful daughters, and their husbands and children. Though they were very sweet, fun, and willing to try any suggestions I had, there’s still always a lot of elements to manage to make it all work. There’s the sun, wind, direction of light in relation the background, composition, posing of each individual, couples, children and babies, and the group as a whole. And then…there’s expression.

I’ve seen so many family group shots over the years that were so poorly posed, lit, staged, etc. and their expressions were either stiff, bored, awkward, and just odd or goofy. You can’t help but feel bad for the people in the pictures. It’s important to realize it is way harder to create a beautiful, timeless family portrait than most people realize, and, it IS the responsibility of the photographer to get it done.

Not only does it take years of experience to understand the dynamics of creating great, professional family photography, but being able to communicate with your subjects to get those genuine reactions that bring out someone’s true personality, is a whole other level. There’s way more to creating a great family portrait than most people realize, but what really defines the difference between an average portrait/snapshot and great portrait photography, is the quality of light, and those priceless expressions.

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Family Photography- The Hale’s © King Street Studios
All Photography by Todd Surber