engagement pictures and engagement portraits taken at middleton plantation by charleston wedding photographers king street studios

Engagement Pictures – Randi + Ross

Wow what a story we have to tell about Randi and Ross. After we were all booked and set to shoot their engagement pictures at Middleton Plantation, Randi calls the morning of the planed shoot day and says “Hey, it looks like it supposed to rain, do you think we’ll be okay to shoot?” I reassured her that it’s always very temporary in Charleston and even if it does, it will pass quickly. Well…not only did it rain, but it didn’t pass quickly either. Literally the moment we arrived the first day, it started to rain and never stopped. So I offered to try a re-shoot the following day. Yep, it started the moment we arrived that day too. This was also the last day they were staying in Charleston so I suggested a new location, Charlestowne Landing, hoping it would be far enough away to avoid the rain, but not too far to eat up too much time in travel. It worked out great. We were able to avoid the rain, and still get them the mossy oaks Randi was so hoping for and then finish up at the beach! There’s way more to the story, but trust me when I say it felt like a week of work to get to the first picture. In the end, once we were set and shooting, everything went fantastic. They loved the photos and so do we!

Authored by: Todd Surber