Donuts And Engagement Pictures

Today started with Matt walking in with a warm dozen of Krispy Kream donuts. His birthday is tomorrow so maybe he was gifting us all with a little cake sweet desert for himself. Each day starts about the same time with us all meeting about 11am. That gives me enough time to shake the morning grog, get some morning juice, exercise and be ready to hit the ground running. So things kicked in today with us finishing up this weeks weddings sneak peek post production and pre-planning today’s engagement pictures. Then we headed off to scope out some new locations for today’s engagement shoot and grab a bite before we had to meet. Once we met and gt started everything went great. Super cool couple that were very open and trusting to my direction, which always makes for the best result! Stay tuned and be sure to check over to our photo blog soon to see some highlights from today’s shoot. Once it’s live though, I will be sure to add a direct link from this page to see their engagement pictures.