children pictures and family portraits taken at boone hall plantation by charleston family portrait photographers king street studios

Children Pictures- Ella + Mary Catherine

I love creating children pictures. Kids have this wonderful freedom and ability to live in the moment. They run almost exclusively on emotion and the honesty that’s expressed from moment to moment is just gold for my style of photography. They have this huge array of expression that’s limited only by what their faces are capable of.

Over the years I’ve developed a process that get’s me the most I can from a child’s attention span, it’s still never easy, but it’s always worth it!
Mary Catherine is the younger one. Ella is the older one missing her two front teeth. Mom wanted to document this time specifically before Ella’s new front teeth grew in and wanted these pictures to be more about the girls than the whole family.

I always have a plan for the way I’m going to do a shoot, but I also always stay open to the idea’s and opportunities that present themselves while I’m working. So even though Mary Catherine lost interest and got distracted fairly early on, I still looked at as an opportunity to document and capture who she is. And for a mom, capturing those moments and expressions with a professional quality is priceless. That’s why the way I work and approach my children portraits.

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Children Pictures at Boone Hall Plantation by Todd Surber
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Authored by: Todd Surber