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Children Photography – Lisa

When Lisa walked into the studio we couldn’t help but just smile. Even though the studio is always set for portraits, I’m never sure what back drops, colors, or props I’m gonna use until they walk in our door. Once I see them, I immediately decide based on the colors and type of clothes they’re wearing what I’m going to start with. I just loved her pink dress and silver shoes. So I decided to go with a monochrome look for her portrait. I wasn’t sure if the pinks would work together when I started shooting, but I really like how they turned out. With her little flowered hair band, silver shoes, and blue bouquet of Hydrangea’s her mom brought, we had just enough complimentary colors for the look I wanted. Those blue eyes needed some support too, so next I had to get some deep blue behind her to help her eyes pop. How adorable huh? She has a really vibrant personality but most kids have a short attention span with pix, so as she faded, I just used it and posed her to incorporate what she was feeling. The bored looking shot of her sitting on the pink cube just cracks me up. If you look at her right hand, it looks almost like she is sharing some middle finger. A bored, adorable young girl, giving the photographer the bird, is just priceless! 😉