charleston weddings at boone hall plantation by charleston wedding photographers king street studios
Photo by Todd Surber

Charleston Weddings- Lauren + Coleman

Lauren and Coleman currently live in Portland, Or., but Lauren grew up in the south and knew she wanted to have her wedding in Charleston. Once she found the perfect location for her intimate wedding, all the elements fell into place and she got the wedding she always dreamed of.

This beautiful, charming Charleston, SC wedding took place under the avenue of the oaks at Boone Hall Plantation with the reception to follow at the Cotton Dock. The entire wedding was filled with an awesome homemade, handmade feel, and the bride hand made everything herself(Wow). From the details throughout the ceremony, including an antique doorway they entered through, to everything around the reception area, she did it all. That’s so impressive, especially considering she planed it, made it, and then shipped it all from the other side of the country.

The rain and humidity threatened most of the early day, but by the time the the ceremony started, we knew e were in the clear. Rain can not only completely disrupt the dream design of a wedding, but it can create major difficulties and limitations for pictures too. So it’s a relief for everyone when the weather stays good!

As we moved into the reception the couple were welcomed by raised arms, hugs, smiles, music and laughter. Their friends and family partied and danced with them the whole time never sitting much longer than to enjoy their food, a good conversation, or to cool off for a few from dancing. As the evening grew darker the tons’ of candle light came to life showcasing the artful decor and an ambiance that was perfect for the moonlit, marsh front, party!

The closed the night with a celebrated, barefoot bride exit and vintage car the perfectly fit the dream day wedding!

Charleston Weddings- Lauren + Coleman
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