beautiful wedding portraits taken at sunset by charleston wedding photographers king street studios

Charleston Wedding Photography- Tara + Jim

Tara and Jim’s wedding took place at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina in Charleston, SC! What a fun couple. Great family, great friends, great wedding, great day!

Some days when were photographing wedding everything just goes so smooth, so easy, it hardly feels like were working. There’s a lot to be said for a really well planned wedding day, and it also has to do with us very well planned for the day, but this wedding just flowed. No matter how busy we felt, how much there was to do, something about this day just felt like we were a part of it.

When your made to feel as welcome and appreciated as Tara and Jim did with us, you can’t help but feel good! For our style of photography, where we take the lead and guide our clients specifically for portraits, thing’s go so much smoother when they respect our guidance and trust our lead. I think fast, and I make decisions fast, so when my subjects trust in me and let go into my directions, everything just flows.

Charleston Wedding Photography- Tara + Jim
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