King Street Studios now offers wedding videography! It’s taken us a long time to find the right person that could create the video quality that will stand in balance with our photography. Not only was it important to find the right person that would fit great with the team, but could also could handle the responsibility, have the artistic eye, and be able to create the quality we needed. Not only was this important in the shooting, but also in the editing because a great video is really created in the editing.

What makes our wedding videography rare and unique is that we are offering this high quality product at a very reasonable price as an add-on feature to our existing photography collections. So we all work as a team collectively to create photographs and video that will have a cohesive final product all delivered with the same quality and professionalism we have always been known for.

What makes our wedding videography unique:

  • High quality video production at a discounted rate exclusively for our clients.
  • 3 distinct options to fit your needs.
  • Multi-camera coverage included with all collections.
  • HD cinematic quality.
  • Highlight edit + RAW footage included.
  • One week turnaround.
  • King Street Studios quality and professionalism.

For more information about our video services, including pricing and options, please contact us direct. Soon we will have most of this outlined on our pricing pages.