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Charleston Senior Portraits- Kyleigh

Anytime I shoot senior portraits I try to find a new and unique locations that lend to the clients interest, style and personality. I’ve shot a lot senior portraits over the years, and I’ve learned that it’s very important to understand a seniors interest to get the best results.

As a photographer I want to create pictures that I’m proud of, but it’s important to me that a location, the posing, and expressions all fit how they envision themselves and will be proud to not only share with their friends, but to be able to look back on one day and feel like that was them at that time in their lives.

Every client deserves a unique and professional experience. The unique part I’ve explained already, but the professional part is the part that’s hardly ever talked about, but is just as important as the photography. By that mean, if a photographer does not take the time to understand your needs as a client, your wishes, and how to ask the key questions to help you get the results your hoping for, than that photographer is just a business person going through the motions to serve their own agenda- to make the most money they can, doing the least amount of work.

We seem to be in an era where people feel more clever, or smarter if they’re doing the least amount of work they can for the most money. Now don’t you think for someone that says they’re doing what they love, and are passionate about what they do, yet their actions completely contradict that supposed “passion”.

The reality is, most photographers are lazy. For a truly creative person, doing something they love, trying something new, and challenging yourself to do better is natural. Getting paid to be creative, and use your talent and instincts to create something special for someone is a gift. Overlooking that opportunity and turning that into a repetitive job is an insult to yourself, it’s lazy, and selfish.

So remember, when your looking at a photographers portfolio, not only look for originality and a style that appeals to you, but a professional approach. Remember, a genuine photographer needs to create something great when they work and not just be someone going through the motions.

We never work that way and we would never treat our clients that way. Every time we work it’s an opportunity to create something great. To create a portrait that we’re proud of and proud to have our name on. And to know that you may cherish these pictures for years to come, and maybe, just maybe, a lifetime is something very special.

Charleston Senior Portraits- Kyleigh © King Street Studios
All Photography by Todd Surber