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Charleston Senior Photography – Jessica

Jessica came to us looking for just head shots. He mother actually booked us last minute while Jessica was visiting family for a few days with no initial plans to get any pictures done. They knew Jessica hadn’t packed or planned for the photo session, but she was a trooper and did it last minute for her Mom. These photographs were not meant to be a traditional senior portrait session. It was meant to get her just what they wanted and that was some nice head shots. Jessica is an artist’s herself going to school for painting. She, of course, is drawn to a more creative and artistic approach to anything, including her own pictures. So in many of these images, I used colors and flowers in a way to shape, frame, and contrast to create subtle, yet creative portraits. The aim was to create portraits that wouldn’t be too artsy for Mom, still tell us something about Jessica without being obvious and distracting, and still have that simple compelling draw of a great head shot portrait.

Charleston Senior Photography – Jessica © King Street Studios
All Photography by Todd Surber