Engagement Photos- A + B

Some couples come to us excited and ready to do their engagement photos. But in some cases, people are nervous and reserved. Completely understandable. I feel like my job, no matter how shy and self conscious a person may be, is to make them look great in front of the camera. I always reassure anyone when we start that the process is going to be fun and much easier than they may be anticipating. Alex was a little concerned in the beginning about what she should do, but I find the best way to deal with that is, just start shooting. It’s like looking over the edge trying to get yourself to jump. You can spend all day worrying about what might happen, or just jump, then enjoy jumping all day. Love is a powerful feeling, but worry and stress can bury that beautiful emotion from showing through. These image are for them. A documentation of this very special time in their lives. I want them to look back at these image and see the way they really look at each other and how they feel. So if I can distract people away from thinking while we’re working, letting them know they can just relax and focus on each other, and I’ll take control, that seems to really help people just be together. Once that’s happening, then you get images like these.

Authored by: Todd Surber