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Bridal Portraits – Boone Hall Plantation

Believe it or not, she’s not a model. But when we starting planning Jessica’s bridal portraits I knew I could photograph her like one. Jessica’s actually a very sweet, humble southern girl that becomes almost shy when you compliment her on her looks. So I decided to go the other direction with her and pose her glamorous and confident.

She has this great, natural elegance about her that makes her seem like she’s moving effortlessly. I could suggest a pose or show her an example of what I was thinking by doing it myself, and she would first laugh, but then embrace it and roll with it. She makes it look like she does it all the time, but most of these poses were the first time she’s ever done them.

Creating a great bridal portrait takes a good understanding of what you can do as a photographer and will work for a bride in her particular type of dress. I’ve seen a lot of bad bridal pictures on the web and most of it is due to the photographers poor choices or lack of experience. Creating the right composition and making the right choice in lens and aperture is just part of it. You also need to know what poses work for a brides body type and dress.

As I’ve mentioned before in other post’s, posing someone well takes years of experience and practice. As a photographer you need to have a strong understanding technically, but also be able to pose people in a way that best showcases their body type, dress design, personal style, and personality. Knowing how to create the pictures that will make a bride look her absolute best in that dress is a must, and anything less is heartbreaking.

Bride’s, you’ve most likely spent spent most of your life dreaming about the day your going to get married, how it will look, the dress, the colors, and more. For years you’ve thumbed through magazines, imagining yourself in an opulent setting, shining like a princess as everyone gasps at first sight of you in your dress. And when that time comes, don’t you want the very best pictures you can get to document that dream forever?

Your most likely only going to wear your dress once, or maybe twice for your bridal portraits and your wedding day. So do you really want to immortalize this lifetime dream with a cheaper, inexperienced photographer? Do you really want to take that chance? Do yourself the biggest favor you can and get the best photographer you can. Stop accepting mediocre work as professional photography, because it’s not. Just because a photographer has a website and some pictures up doesn’t mean they’re professional.

King Street Studios bridal portrait’s include up to three hours of portrait session time, post production, and copies of your favorite images. We always shoot with at least one assistant, ask all the right questions and make a detailed plan to create the best bridal portraits for you we can.

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Bridal Portraits at Boone Hall Plantation- Copyright © King Street Studios
All Photography by Todd Surber

Authored by: Todd Surber