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Bridal Pictures Fit For a Princess

Ohh gosh where do I start telling you about these bridal pictures? 😉 It only takes a quick glance to notice how wonderfully charismatic Natalie was to work with. I knew right away when I saw her little princess crown, and white gloves, that we were going to have to play to the whimsical. As you can also see by her sparkly gray canvas tennies, and glowing smile, she definitely does not take herself too serious. You can only imagine the number of hilarious images we came away with from that day. In the end, no matter what I decide to focus on though, I always grab a huge variety of pictures from each shoot. From the more traditional poses, to the elegant, fashion and editorial, to of course the fun. Many times the bride mentions that her Mom, or other families members that have certain images in mind, while the bride herself has a completely different plan. So I always get bridal pictures from each shoot that will please them all. The funny thing is, many times the Moms really surprise the brides by loving images they never thought they would.

Authored by: Todd Surber